Kalik beer

Kalik beer

Can you get Kalik beer in the US?

Kalik , the Bahamas #1 selling beer , is now available in the state of Texas. Kalik is currently available in the US , mainly in Florida . It is brewed out of Commonwealth Brewery Limited in Nassau, Bahamas and imported into the US by United States Beverage.

Where can I buy Kalik beer?


Where is Kalik beer brewed?

The Bahamas

How do you pronounce Kalik beer?

Ka-lick -silent h. The sound of the Junkanoo cow bells! Represented on the label. If you’re from Boston, it’s pronounced KAAH LICK.

Is Sands beer sold in the US?

This demand comes from Americans who have experienced the Pink Radler in The Bahamas, and they sadly discovered that it was not available in the US . With this discovery, the decision was made to not only rebrand Sands Beer , but to reposition it to be sold in the United States .

What is the most popular beer in the Bahamas?


What is the beer of Aruba?


How many calories are in Kalik beer?

What is the nutritional value of Kalik Radler 0.0%? Energy: 44.89 kcal/100g.

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