Westvleteren beer

Westvleteren beer

How much does Westvleteren 12 cost?

Only two crates can be bought at a time, with priority going to newer customers. A 24-bottle crate of Westvleteren 12 will cost $50 , a bargain compared to a Dutch grocery store chain that reportedly sold them – without permission – for over $11 a bottle.

How do you get Westvleteren beer?

The answer, however inconvenient, is simple: you must head to the gates of the Saint Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren , a 20-minute drive from Ypres, Flanders. This is after calling in your order by telephone and giving the monks the license plate number of the car with which you plan to pick up your maximum of two crates.

How do you drink Westvleteren 12?

Serving Westvleteren 12 As with the majority of dark beers, the Westvleteren 12 shouldn’t be served cold, it should be slightly below room temperature. This ensures that you can taste all the different notes and aromas, if it is served too cold you wouldn’t be able to taste the beer to it’s fullest.

What kind of beer is Westvleteren 12?

Cook, who is one of few non-monks to have gone inside the Westvleteren brewery , is particularly well acquainted with its beer. He has had all three of its brews — the 8 and the 12, both dark ales, and the Blond, a 5.8% ABV (alcohol by volume) Belgian blond ale.

What is the #1 selling beer in the world?


What is the rarest beer in the world?

Westvleteren 12

How long does Westvleteren 12 last?

It’s very important for bottle conditioned beers like Westvleteren. I think the date on the cap ( 3 years ) is generally a good time to open them, but they will last longer. I have a case just over three years and they are starting age better now. I usually open one every three-four months.

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How do you store Westvleteren 12?

Store the Westvleteren beer vertically, in a dark place between 12 °C and 16°C. It is better not to refrigerate it. It takes about a year before Westvleteren 8 and 12 start gaining their flavour and one and a half to two years before they get their full flavour.

How do you pour Trappist beer?

Tilt your glass at 45°. Delicately pour half of the bottle into the glass. Straighten the glass to finish serving. Leave the last centimetre at the bottom of the bottle to avoid the yeast clouding your beer .

Which country has the most Trappist breweries?


What’s the most expensive beer?

These 6 Beer Bottles Are Some of the Most Expensive in the World BrewDog The End of History . Liquor.com / Laura Sant. Sam Adams Utopias . Liquor.com / Laura Sant. Sapporo Space Barley. Liquor.com / Laura Sant. Schorschbock 57. Liquor.com / Laura Sant. 3 Floyds Dark Lord. Liquor.com / Laura Sant. Westvleteren 12.

What is the strictest Catholic order?

The Trappists , officially known as the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Latin: Ordo Cisterciensis Strictioris Observantiae , abbreviated as OCSO ) and originally named the Order of Reformed Cistercians of Our Lady of La Trappe , are a Catholic religious order of cloistered monastics that branched off from

Do Trappist monks drink beer?

“All Trappist monasteries brew a [ beer ] for their own consumption to drink with their meals. If they want to have a beer , that’s what they drink .”

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