Beer can island longboat key

Beer can island longboat key

Can you walk to Beer Can Island?

Located on the northern tip of Longboat Key, this undeveloped white sand beach is a popular hangout for locals. Nearly everyone comes by boat, but you can walk here in low tide. SCAT Bus stop at nearby Gulf of Mexico Drive & Broadway St.

Is Beer Can Island Open?

UPDATE: Beer Can Island is now closed to everyone. TAMPA — Pinellas County and the city of Tampa have decided to close public beaches to help prevent the crowding that can spread coronavirus. But privately owned Pine Key, the boating and camping destination better known as Beer Can Island , will remain open to members.

Where do you park for Beer Can Island?

Coquina Beach

Can you kayak to Beer Can Island?

You will want a kayak dolly or a way to roll your kayak over to the beach. If not, you can go to Harvey E. Oyer park right next door and launch at the boat ramp, but it gets busy with, well, boats. It was a good 10 minute kayak across to get to Beer Can Island .

How far is Beer Can Island?

1.3 mile

Why is it called Beer Can Beach?

The name is now forgotten. Clark found it in an August, 1886, issue of the Santa Cruz Surf and on maps published in 1880 and 1902. Moving along to current history in Santa Cruz County, Beer Can Beach is the name given by local high schoolers to a small beach on the Monterey Bay coast in the Rio del Mar-Seascape area.

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Where is Beer Can Island Florida?

Tiki Bay Island (aka Beer Can Island or Pine Key officially) is a great local spot in Apollo Beach. It is a small island in the Tampa Bay just offshore from the Apollo Beach Nature preserve, accessible only by watercraft.

Is Apollo Beach in Florida Open?

Apollo District is currently open 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM with limited operations. A return to full operations will continue to be phased, and services may be limited. Closures & Seasonal Exceptions.

Date Hours
Christmas Day December 25 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Where in Florida is Apollo Beach?

Hillsborough County

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