New york beer project lockport new york

New york beer project lockport new york

Who owns the New York Beer project?

Kelly Krupski

Does New York Beer Project take reservations?

Do you take reservations ? We built this brewery as a community place for everyone to gather, and therefore, we do not take reservations . We will take call-aheads for parties of 8 or more to be seated before 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. We also serve our entire menu in our Tap Room where there is open seating.

What is New York beer project?

New York Beer Project – Western New York’s Destination Brewery . Step into an amazing venue, designed to resemble an old Brewing warehouse in New York City. Experience the eclectic NYC atmosphere in this spectacular 17,500 sq. ft Production Facility comprised of a 5,000 sq.

What county is New York beer project in?

Ontario County

What county is Lockport NY in?

Niagara County

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