Thomas rhett beer can’t fix

Thomas rhett beer can’t fix

Who sings Beer Can t Fix with Thomas Rhett?

Jon Pardi

Where was Thomas Rhett Beer Can t Fix filmed?

Key West

Who wrote ain’t nothing that a beer can t fix?

Томас Ретт Райан Теддер Джулиан Банетта Зак Скелтон

Are Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi friends?

Jon Pardi + Thomas Rhett’s ‘Beer Can’t Fix’ Is a ‘Full-Circle’ Friendship Moment. Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi may sometimes make different kinds of country music, but they’re good buddies who bond over their mutual love of songwriting.

Where is Center Point Road Thomas Rhett?

Thomas Rhett grew up on Center Point Road , a street that runs 20 minutes north of Nashville in a suburb called Hendersonville. On this nostalgic track, Rhett takes us back in time to growing up carefree in the small Tennessee town.

How big is a can of beer?

12 ounces

How tall is Jon Pardi?

6 foot 3 inches

Who sings one beer with Lauren Alaina?

HARDY Lauren Alaina Devin Dawson HIXTAPE

What is Thomas Rhett’s new song called?

What’s Your Country Song

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